Athletic Training Room Guidelines

Athletic Training Facility Procedures

The Athletic Training Facilities are available to student athletes during practices and events as scheduled and coordinated with the coaches, as well as the athletic director. Any athlete requiring attention from the athletic trainers outside of any scheduled practices and/or events on campus will be by appointment only, utilizing Healthy Roster. Parents and students should only email the athletic trainer if they encounter any issues using Healthy Roster to schedule an appointment.

Athletic Training Facility Rules

  • This area is a medical facility and high in demand and usage. As such, we respectfully request that students and staff please not use this area as a team or meeting room.
  • Facility is to be utilized for prearranged and scheduled treatment and/or rehabilitation only. If you need to be evaluated, please contact your athletic trainer and schedule an appointment via Healthy Roster.
  • Athletes should be properly clothed at all times – athletic wear, shirt and shorts.
    • If clothing is to be removed the athletic trainer will always ask for another adult to be present.

  • No shoes or cleats on the athletic training tables please as they can damage the tables.
  • If using a table, rehabilitation or any other equipment, please wipe it down when finished with appropriate disinfectant wipes. If you are unsure what to use, please feel free to ask athletic trainer for assistance.
  • To avoid injury, or further injury, all equipment should be used properly, and as instructed by your athletic trainer. Please feel free to ask for assistance from your athletic trainer.
  • If you are bringing documentation for the athletic trainers, please deliver directly to trainer. The trainer cannot be responsible for paperwork left with anyone else.
  • If you are in the facility and your athletic trainer is not present, please contact them via Healthy Roster for an appointment.